Foil Printing Service

In 2015, textile trends made a wave towards foil prints, glitter, metal embellished designs, and brassy finishes which are much in use these days. These types of products are obtained by the application of textile printing processes known as foil printing.

What is Foil Printing?

The foil printing technique finds its application in various industries, but the main focus here is on the textile industry. Foil Printingis a specialty printing process using heat, pressure and metallic foil to create anattractive finish on the fabric. Foil stamping service helps achieve a variety of specific textures on the textile.

Apart from producing shiny finishes, foil stamping is opaque as it doesn’t contain ink. It uses metallic foils like gold, silver, and copper and due to this, sometimes known as gold foil printing. The color of the printed substrate does not affect the color of the design, thus making the foil printing method suitable for dark and colored fabric.

The Process of Foil Printing

A rotary or flatbed screen helps print the design on the fabric. The design is made with unique water-based adhesive. Then the foil is transferred to the pattern, and it bonds only where the resin is laid. The foil has a thin polyester carrier film onto which the finishing system is coated using gravure printing and vacuum metalizing processes.

Foil printing is also referred to as, foil stamping, dry stamping, hot stamping, and leaf stamping. There are several types of foil stamping printing techniques in use these days, depending on the design needs.

Foil Stamping Methods

There are two standard methods used today

Traditional Foil Stamping

It is also known as hot stamping printing where the desired design is etched on a small metal plate. The foiling die, which is similar to a traditional rubber stamp. The die is heated up, and the foil is placed between the die and the fabric. The foiling die applies pressure due to which the foil permanently binds in the shape of the engraved design. However, for multiple-color designs, separate foiling dies are used and several runs of press foiling machine produce the final design.

Digital Foil Stamping

Digital foil printing or stamping is somewhat comparable to traditional foil stamping. But instead of using a stamping die to press the pattern onto the fabric, the design is digitally printed using a particular type of foil that sticks to the surface. This form of foil printing eliminates the need for multiple dies for multi-colored projects.

Weaveron offers an excellent Foil printing or gold foil printing service on several fabrics. The printing is done using special machines, perfect for small to medium run printing jobs.

The machines used hold foils of varying thickness and are used for printing on various fabrics like the cotton, knitted fabric, polyester viscose, art silk, satin, lycra, organza and many more.