Dewdrop Printing Service

Printing is a process of decorating textiles by application of pigments, dyes, foils, or other related materials in the form of patterns to make the fabric look pretty. Fabric printing has been around since the 12th century and now has become highly sophisticated. It now involves the use of machines and the skills of many artists and designers combined. Earlier textile printing was done by hand, the dyes were mixed with hands and the color was not fast.

The various fabric printing techniques available are molded printing, screen printing, sublimation printing, and direct to garment or digital printing. It also includes heat transfer, engraved roller printing, foil printing, and dewdrop printing.

What is Dewdrop Printing?

Dewdrop printing service imparts beautiful patterns on the fabrics in the form of dots that reflect light. The effect is similar to the dewdrops formed at night. Due to humidity, condensation takes place, and small droplets of water called dew are formed. These dewdrops are transparent, clear, and reflect light brightly hence the name dewdrop printing. The dewdrop machine helps print such beautiful dewdrops on the fabric.

The Process of Printing

Dewdrop print effect is acquired using resin paste, and it is used for printing on any fabric to get beautiful transparent dews. The dough is milky white, but various colored foils are transferred over the dewdrop print to give the specific colors. Many different materials like PVC powder or metallic powder is also use for coating multiple designs on the fabric. Dewdrop printing on textiles is available in diverse shades, color blends, and gorgeous designs. This printing is famed in the market as it helps meet the bulk necessities of the clients.

It all looks seamless, effortless, and comfortable, but it is difficult to achieve precision and perfection and durable colors on the fabric. However, with the advent of technology, newly developed and advanced machines and techniques help the designers and manufacturers print beautiful designs on the fabric.

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