Project Description

Digital Printed Garment Fabric

If we call this era a digital area, then I won’t be wrong. Because everything is moving from physical to digital, maybe it is a newspaper, our modes of payment, etc. Everything is becoming digital. Even your apparel fabric is digitally printed now a day. Digital printed garment fabric is the process of adding colorful designs & patterns to many kinds of fabric by using digital inkjet printing technology. It was patented in 1968 and became popular in the 1990s with the creation of more affordable, reliable digital printers. It tends to be more costly than traditional textile dyeing, but it can be used to create custom textiles, is eco-friendly. It provides the capability to print detailed designs in brilliant colors.

We at Weaver to print a range of arty designs in vibrant hues using screen and digital printing. We print for our customers the best Digital Printed Garment Fabric in traditional and modern designs.

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