Project Description

Jecard fabric

Jacquard is a type computerised loom and curtain fabrics are the types of fabric used as curtains they are also known as drapes in this respect. So basically you are talkin about drape fabrics which are woven on a jacquard loom.Now jacquard looms are also used for weaving upholstery fabrics. These are fabrics which are fixed to a furniture mostly for e.g. the fabric on a sofa or a chair they are fixed and are not changed so frequently. These fabrics are sturdy enough to resist and the innumerable rubs due to usage. But drape fabrics need not be as sturdy or resilient like upholstery fabrics infact they are much lighter as well. Now as far as jacquard weaving is concerned – these type of looms can weave really intricate details and patterns into the fabric. One can have a multiple colours and types of yarn in the same fabric and weave intricately detailed patterns by using jacquard power looms.

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